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Gojek GPS Signal Booster Don’t Get It Wrong

The choice of gojek GPS signal amplifier should not be confused. Its existence is very important, given that online motorcycle taxis use GPS as the main link between drivers and passengers. When a passenger places an order, ojol will be searched for the passenger’s nearest location. This will make passengers quickly get ojol.

If the signal from the ojol location is not clear, it is difficult for the system to determine whether the ojol is in the exact location or not. Thanks to this, the system will direct the transfer of orders to other drivers with a clearer location. This is certainly harmful if you are an ojol with a less bright location.

To avoid this problem, a signal amplifier is the best choice. But always be selective and when choosing a Gojek GPS signal extender, do not misunderstand it. If it is bad, the signal still does not change, so that the above problems are not even solved. There are still many applications that have the best labels.

Connection stabilizer amplifier as the main choice

The first highly recommended application is a connection stabilizer amplifier. The possibility of a connection stabilizer amplifier applies not only to 4G or 3G networks. 2G networks as well as Wi-Fi can also be strengthened. This is certainly beneficial, given that some regions in Indonesia do not yet have good connectivity.

Getting it is also very easy. You can search the playstore and find it alongside other signal amplifiers. In themselves, the qualities in it are many. The first most useful feature is reconnection. In this feature, the application will reconnect the dial-up connection if there is a problem with the signal.

This is of course like a refresh function when a gadget has a problem. With it, the connection can return to stability. In addition, the connection stabilizer amplifier also has the ability to force the connection. This compulsion is done so that the phone continues to connect to the Internet, even if the signal is bad. In addition, there will be no disconnection as long as the mobile data is active.

Always make sure that when determining a GPS repeater, don’t misunderstand it. If you think it is not suitable for the above app, the app called GPS active also has similar features. Its ability to maintain the signal when the network is unstable is also very good. However, the app focuses more on GPS.

With its help, you can detect a person in a real place with the most correct coordinate point. Active GPS can also be obtained at the toy store. The advantages will be obvious when you simply turn on the GPS and the location tracking begins. Due to its use, the location will be found faster than before.

Since it is designed for GPS, the functions in the app are very simple. These simple conditions give you the advantage of the amount of storage space needed. The size is so small that it will not charge a large amount of mobile phone. Processes such as deleting other applications become unnecessary.

You can also select GPS status and toolbox

Pay attention when choosing a GPS signal amplifier, do not misunderstand it. In this case, the next suggestion is GPS Status and Toolbox. Like the previous app, GPS Status and Toolbox are also specifically for location enhancement. When the location of the smartphone is activated for a long time, its cache will continue to grow.

The cache is junk that needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not wiped, the performance of the phone will be less than optimal. This is the main benefit of the existence of the application. Thanks to its existence, the errors caused by it can be solved. When you enable gps status and toolbox, they have the ability to periodically clear the cache.

In addition, periodic deletion of data will also be carried out on AGPS data. In this way, the phone will remain normal even though it has been used for a long time. If you’re in the mood for something else, make sure you don’t misunderstand it when determining your GPS repeater. Gps Locker can also be selected as a suggestion.

These features of the app are very beneficial for ojol. One of its advantages is the ability to block the location. There are often problems when the phone’s location is off when the screen is not on. This is usually a built-in feature of the phone so that the battery does not drain quickly.

But for ojol it’s a problem. A dead signal may cause the connection to the subscriber to disappear. The app locking feature is designed to avoid these issues. Also, do not forget when choosing a GOJEK GPS signal amplifier, do not misunderstand it. As another suggestion, try opening the signal maps.

In the app, you will see on the screen which areas have a good signal and which do not have a good signal. This allows ojol to estimate which areas should not be transferred. It can also be helpful when choosing a good hangout.

Using Internet Speed Booster is fine

The statement when determining the gps signal amplifier should not be wrong . Maybe those of you who have felt this will immediately understand how important the application is. When the previous applications are still not suitable, you can also choose an Internet speed booster. its popularity among Android users is also very high.

In addition to having the power to amplify the location, the signal of the mobile phone will also strengthen with its use. There are already many drivers who prove this effectiveness. Most say that orders become more numerous when Internet speed boosters are used. The internet speed boost it provides is indeed no joke.

If calculated as a percentage, the Internet speed that occurs can reach between 40 and 80 percent of the initial speed. In addition, the advantage of the Internet speed booster is its ability to remove applications in the background. Even if it is not visible, such an application is still enabled.

This, of course, makes the phone slower and takes some signal needs from the mobile phone. Its existence can also increase throughput. Bandwidth alone is the maximum amount of data sent. As the bandwidth increases, the telephone connection will become faster. Make sure that when downloading the GOJEK GPS repeater, do not misunderstand it.

There are many applications with similar names. Make sure the name is correct. Maybe if you want a more special name, you can choose Net Optimizer and Booster. Its main ability lies in the ability to automatically connect DNS servers.

Typically, the main users of this application are people with hobbies of browsing and playing online games. Using it, the latency problem will disappear because the connection will still be stable. But since its function is the same, its use when it becomes an online motorcycle taxi is also very important.

Don’t use fake locations

When choosing a GPS signal extender, do not misunderstand it. Distinguish a signal amplifier from a fake location generator. The term tuyul or the use of fake apps is indeed widely used. But in the official rules of the gentile it is an illegal thing.

If detected with tuyul, the driver’s account will appear to be suspended. If you want to know more about such recipes, you can contact the Gentile directly. There is no official call center. Contact with him can be done via live chat in the app.

There is no need to select only one app above. You can choose several applications at the same time, because their capabilities support each other. But also pay attention to the storage of the phone. Don’t let your memory be full or even annoying. Also remember, when choosing a gojek GPS signal amplifier, do not misunderstand it.

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