Student Center in The Country : PressRelease

Taking advantage of student service center building in the world of lectures

A university naturally has a student service center or place  to conduct student activities, in general, the student center can also be considered as a living room, where it acts as a liaison between students, faculties, and teaching staff.

According to records, there is a university in Doha, Qatar, which knows very well how to create and build this spac space easily and modernly. The university is named after Hamid Bin Khalifa University, where univ collaborates with Legoretta + Legoretta in establishing a center for student activities.

You can find a variety of interesting features through the Activity Centre. Starting with health centres, counselling centres, accommodation facilities, and recreation rooms, students can take full advantage of it without being charged a penny. The student centre designer  is also inspired by qatar’s traditional market  for its external problems.

The mixed Arabic architecture and Meksik o, the center of this place, has transformed the student activity as a space full of artistic value , and for the bottom, this room is built using concrete walls and thick with layered stone makeup.

Student Center in The Country

Until now different universities around the world definitely want to get world class university status (WCU). WCU determines for those that can develop, adjust to market demands quickly andcontinue to be sustainable.   The constellation NG This designation  will point to kemampuan’s superiority  in international standards  .

The existence of world-class university status is expected to point to the achievements and possibilities of teachers at each university , in addition, it is expected that this outsmartment will improve the quality, value, and reputation of the univ, and will definitely support academic quality and have a positive impact on student satisfaction.

One of these facilities is the Student Services Center.  In  this case, the Student Activity Center plays a very important role as a space for interaction, recreation, and socialization activities for  students, and various universities around the world are also guaranteed to have student centers that function optimally.

The Student Activity Centre needs enough space to achieve this level of effectiveness in which it can support all available activities. From an architectural perspective, space in a building plays a large role in performing its planned and expected functions.

In Indonesia itself, one of the universities with enough student activity is Gadjeh University in Maeda. Through the example ofSa Lah University of  a country, both students and M AMPA teaching staff  achieved planned learning goals.

Optimal utilization of student services center

The student center can actually be usedas a form of effective learning to improve the quality of student learning, so it can also be used directly in the world of lectures, and students will be more actively involved than school children.

The best learning processis based on the student’s interaction in active understanding of materials, in which case the teacher or teaching staff only acts as facilitators, making students active in conducting research, discussions and writing books.

The application ofthe student center learning method  to the Student Activity Center can be reliable for bringing positive values. First, this tode can increase the mo tivasi learning from any g learner, will indirectly be motivated to master the theory and still want to do studies, especially if students are facilitated by publishing scientific papers.

Second, this method will make students more independent and responsible during the learning process. By focusing activities at the Student Services Center, students will be required to actively continue learning, they will also have to do research that then matured with presentations during the lecture.

For the latter, the benefit of the student center’s method is that students can learn deeply. Students who have used this method are expected to have the opportunity to explore the knowledge taken independently. Without any direction from the teacher regarding other additional materials, students will determine their  literacy.

The great role of the Student Services Center

In general, the construction of the student activity center building is intended to facilitate students in various activities and activities. Of course, as an activity center, it is possible to know whether the building is directly under the control of the Assistant Reactor 2. There are many main functions to use this building, including the following:

The building can be used as an administrative center and a variety of student activities such as SEMU, BEMU, SEFA, BEMFA, and student activity unit offices. The design of the building is also usually constructed on several floors, where the first floor is used for the assistant of the third reactor, the head of the student affairs  department, and its staff.

Entering on the second floor and the like, you will usually find several spaces used for student activity offices. The existence   of a student service center is actually very important because it supports the progress of students from non-academic aspects such as Sassi’s first-member activities, talent interests, reasoning, and other activities.

The centrality of the offices also makes it easier to manage and control students when improving relationships between students from each faculty  , once again, the existence of SC is expected  to improve students’ progress from both academic achievements and non-academic achievements.

Lending Student Services Center Building

After knowing many of the functions of the Student Activity Center, it is definitely common for any group of students in each faculty to want to borrow services from the activity center to hold several events. The nature of the event in question is definitely a campus or department or faculty activity.

If you want to take care of the borrowing of   this student service center    , you should at least understand the procedures and procedures required  for the first time, students must take care of the application for a permit to borrow a g edung to the reactor or vice-chancellor of the university’s reactor .

The request letter file will then be relocated to the head of BKM by Vice Rector III. In addition, the case will continue until the head of interests, reasoning and information. After passing the position of head of interests, reasoning and information, the document will be re-imposed on the Head of Facilities and Information.

If the last file has come out, then the next process is to check the data about the use of this building.  If   there is any use on the results of checking the building, then Kasobag  will coordinate with Kabig for the next step. ORMAWA will also receive this notification.

However, if the results of building checking are not used, then the process continues with the construction and inspection of drafts or concepts of building lending. And finally, the loan document  will be distributed  directly to students or applicants to apply for loans  for the student service center building  .