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How to apply for xiaomi service center warranty, procedures and conditions

How to apply for a warranty from xiaomi service center , you may be looking for it right now. In the past, many people were afraid to buy Xiaomi because there were few rumors that it was so difficult to make a warranty claim for this product, despite the fact that it was a false assumption.

It is not at all difficult to file a warranty claim at the Xiaomi service center, even treatment is possible quickly. Although low-priced, the electronic products manufactured by Xiaomi are so famous for their durability. Electronic products are similar to it, which are not easily damaged.

However, this does not even mean that electronic products manufactured by Xiaomi  cannot be damaged  , because the product can still cause damage due to factory records or other factors. If you find out that the Xiaomi product you purchased is damaged, you can immediately file a warranty claim.

Applying for a warranty from a Xiaomi service center is quite simple, as long as you follow the specified procedures and conditions at a young age, since each product from Xiaomi has a different warranty period, so be sure to check whether the duration is correct or not. Here is the Complete Information about the steps to make Xiaomi warranty claims.

Xiaomi product mobile phone warranty

How to claim a warranty on mobile phone products, not only the goods with a guarantee for the mobile phone, but also the hardware for the charger. That way, you don’t have to worry if the built-in accessories are also damaged before the warranty period expires.

The warranty period for the phone itself is 15 months, with the coverage of warranty parts and labor costs, as well as the supporting documents required when filing a warranty claim, as well as a warranty card as proof of purchase. Like the built-in battery, the warranty period is 15 months.

How to claim the warranty of the Xiaomi service center for the built-in charging and accessory products in the dusbook, the warranty period for 6 months, labor costs and spare parts for the scope of the warranty, as well as the supporting documents that you need to confirm from the purchase card and guarantees.

In addition to mobile phones, there is also a warranty for tablet products. For hardware, the warranty period is 12 months with the same warranty coverage, namely labor costs and spare parts. The warranty period on the battery, charger and various accessories is 6 months, and you need to bring supporting documents such as proof of purchase and warranty card.

Xiaomi’s mobile phone products, such as the Redmi Note 7, have an 18-month warranty period, and for Redmi 8 and 8A, 9A and 9C products, it has a 24-month warranty period. Therefore, if you have this phone product, you will get a longer warranty period.

Xiaomi’s warranty on product accessories

In accessories such as the Mi Band, the warranty period provided by Xiaomi is 1 year with a guarantee of labor costs and spare parts. In addition, there are other accessories, for example, power banks with a 1-year warranty period, mobile phones with a 6-month warranty period, batteries with a 6-month warranty period.

Accessories such as chargers that can be purchased separately have a warranty period of 6 months, data cables have a warranty period of 6 months, LED lights have a warranty period of 6 months, Xiaomi table lamps have a warranty period of 6 months, and usb car chargers also havea 6-month mas warranty. All these products have warranty labor costs and spare parts, along with the necessary receipts for the order.

Remember that in  addition to applying for a warranty from the Xiaomi service center, you should also pay attention to the validity of the warranty period, the validity period of the consumer receiving the product. Therefore, the warranty period is calculated not from consumers using the product, but from consumers who receive the product.

In addition, during the warranty period, if Xiaomi has checked and confirmed the different accessories and confirmed them, later consumers will receive free repairs and no fees, so you don’t have to worry about charging you a large fee, as long as it continues to comply with the applicable rules.

Conditions for warranty claim for Xiaomi Service Center

How to apply for a warranty service center , Xiaomi should also pay attention to all available points. The above warranty provisions apply only to the territory of Indonesia, so products with an international guarantee do not apply, the above provisions do not apply. In addition, when xiaomi service center receives the unit, Xiaomi will carry out subsequent tests.

Therefore, when you transfer the unit, make sure that you have supported your data and store different types of information in the product. Before making repairs, you can also contact xiaomi service agent to provide various types of information like mold, serial and IMEI.

Requesting a warranty from a Xiaomi service center must be taken into account, because the warranty of the Xiaomi product does not cover cases, since the warranty seal is lost or removed. Due to intentional disasseembin, the likes of Xiaomi are also not included in the warranty.

Password reset or maintenance updates are also not included in the warranty. Later, Xiaomi will decide for itself whether the warranty period of the product has expired or the warranty is violated, so make sure that you have followed the claim requirements correctly and correctly.

How to apply for a warranty from Xiaomi Service Center

Having familiarized yourself with the current conditions and procedures, you can immediately submit a warranty claim. If you want to guarantee your phone, try backing up your files first. After that, you just need to visit the Xiaomi service center to file a warranty claim.

If you have any doubts about whether the warranty claim you are going to make is allowed or not, you should first contact xiaomi’s call center. Xiaomi call center by calling 0800-1-401558, specify what you want to guarantee and whether the service center will receive the damage or not.

Xiaomi service center addresses are prevalent in Indonesia, so you don’t have to worry. Do not forget to bring a proof of purchase to a cardboard mobile phone or damaged electronic product. Don’t forget to bring a warranty card with you so that the claims process can be completed faster.

Once you arrive at xiaomi service center, how to claim the warranty of the next Xiaomi service center  , later the officer will check and take the damage, the damages incurred can be covered with a guarantee. If your warranty claim is allowed, you will not have to pay the repair costs. The repair period usually lasts from 1 to 4 weeks.

If the damage caused to the product is serious and difficult to repair, Xiaomi will later replace the unit. As long as the warranty period of the product is still valid, you will receive a full free replacement, but if it is no longer valid, you will have to pay for replacement and repair costs.

Repairing the unit in the authorized service center is really a simple thing, because the officer will serve you well, as long as all the provisions and procedures have been followed, in addition,  after applying for a warranty from the Xiaomi service center, you must also be diligent when tracking the service center, so that the unit can be repaired quickly.

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