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Cara Install Microsoft Volume Service Center

Jun test Microsoft bulk service center no so gram goods also  to various types of  accounts, to user purposes

One of the usual accounts is VLSC, or better known as the  volume licensing service center.  Initially  create this account,  fixed can set VLSC account after few, all responsibility  Make sure email to create an account

How to access the software for Microsoft Bulk Service Center

Ru You haven’t thought about VLSC management software?  It turns out that  there is  a lot of experience on top  of the fact that sincerity is not unobtainable.   Micorosoft  software  is purchased, which can then be accessed by VLSC software.

If you access software due to Microsoft Batch License Service Center,  you must correctly understand the following steps

  1. Register an account due to VLSC

The first step is to register an  account with  VLSC

  1. Sign up for email at Microsoft

After registering  for an account with VLSC, you can now register for email.  This sincerity must be, nothing out of the crowd email, Gou Yahu  users of Gmail users  Also


  1. Hire the VLSC website

The third step to visit     the official website of Microsoft Bulk Service Center must be to record website, don’t forget the Microsoft  account directory

  1. Download

There are three steps, sub-detailed,   and the latter step is to download the software This can also click “Download, Key”  also.  This button is also at the bottom of  the VLSC target.  A list of software can be downloaded here

Use Microsoft Bulk Service Center for good

I don’t know that VLSC   is actually about Microsoft.  The program naturally has several first-appearing foreign object lists.  I don’t know much.

VLSC Accounting is very different  from what is in a retail store The  following are quite different examples

  1. place

The Microsoft Bulk Service Center itself is available for applications that are completely different.  Its service is especially different from OfficenyA.

  1. Server applications

In  the case of VLSC  , you can also see server applications,  applications used  in company operations, and software used  Open plausible is different


In this way, the software can be  accessed in bulk.  Not to be desired in the retail version.  Therefore, those who want to use VLSC must be positive

  1. Windows relocation

The VLSC is similar to  the fact that it is available in bulk in Windows Upgrade, but not in  operating system licenses    。

In terms of clarity,   it is necessary  that  the offerings are  different from  the previous ones,  although they are all from Microsoft

If you request more than several copies of  Windows 8  in English, Microsoft will stop distributing the English version of the CD Room  and the software will not be available  Leave it in other languages (e.g. French, Spanish, other).

Software is available at Microsoft Bulk Service Center

Has the Microsoft series been launched?  This is sufficient for uncommon software When  using this software, you will have a license to  install the program

Take something from the Microsoft Bulk Service Center as follows

  1. service pack

Those who  have fun with   VLSC  Software Kit will be enough to be new before  downloading

  1. Office Surplus

You must get the fun of the  software language pack also its Windows Office production retention Please  say more package right This will be who will provide the victory with it  Available in Microsoft dialect.

  1. Former Books

With VLSC, Jungu can enjoy its beauty and get the things of the past.  Can website into later, you will be given somewhere to get the old copy

All users must be privileged to VLSC.  If there is interest, it is first installan

How Microsoft Bulk Available Service Center with Download

As mentioned above, it is advisable to apply the product to  download the various types of text required for download,  so  use VLSC  to download the text?   If you are trapped in using it, you can learn the following methods lightly

  1. Burning pain

Sub-taste burning CD huh?   When burning a download from  VLSC, the same thing is .  The software will burn the order later.  Therefore, the first user, first because of CDDVD burning

  1. Open the ISO document

Open the ISO download.  When ZIP  word software is available, please copy the text to the computer first

  1. From ISO document

At the end of the operation, if there  is already an ISO document  from the  ISO  mount,  it can be completed.  After the less, you can write a text to visit the disk drive.

However, VLSC this thing is now available  for use    , and the steps begin with l lan insta  VLSC things, can be Bailey.  The Junan no Microsoft Bulk Service Center



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