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Samsat West Java helps you pay taxes online

Samsat West Java is one of the  public bodies that is often visited by people in the Western Java province for various purposes.   This tool serves various processes related to the   payment of tax on motor vehicles and other   issues related to  this.

During a pandemic like the one we do now, most public bodies are not providing services face-to-face or online to provide a variety of services.   This includes services provided to  Samsat in the western province of Java. The public can make payments to the STNK using online  procedures, and payments are made by wire transfer.

 Stnk online service Samsat West Java

Residents of the West Java Provision community can currently pay tax procedures online.   This will make it easier for you, because you  do not need to go directly to the office. There is a special application  and it is designed  to pay motor vehicle tax  during the annual period.

This method is very useful for all residents of the Western java province  , since the functions of the program are actually fully offered.   Samsat in Western Java aims to avoid crowds and prevent the  spread of the currently rampant Corona virus.  Samsat West Java online payment can be made using simple procedures, such as:

  1. Request a payment code

First, follow a text message until you receive your payment code.   Kamu can do in two ways.   First, you can get it through the Samsat Gateway  via text message.   Secondly, you can reach Sambar.   This application can be easily downloaded to your smartphone.

  1. Make a payment

The next step in paying the annual fee for motor vehicles is the execution of the  transfer process.  You must pay  immediately, as this is valid for up to 24 hours after you complete the first step.

  1. Autentifikuoti

When making payments via the Internet , you do not need to go to Samsat.  However, still, once the  payment process is complete, the exchange and ratification of the new SSSC must  still be carried out in Samsate. The maximum  limit set by  Samsat is 30 days after you have made the payment.

Everything can be done easily and quickly,  there is no need to go to the Samsat office.   Only with the help of applications on the smartphone can one easily  do.   To confirm the samsat after paying taxes, do not forget to bring your original KTP  and the original STNK.

E – Samsat Jabar’s application for payments

” Samsat West Java in this case provides extraordinary services to all residents of the Western Java community.   They easily provide services for the payment and approval of taxes.  A  program  called E-Samsat is used to make these payments.

There are so many benefits that  you can get  if you use the app.   Some of the things that will be obtained  if residents of the Western Java province use West Java E-samsat  are:

  1. Avoidance of nominations

That’s right  — in an era  that’s been advanced as it is now — there are cases of  candidates  everywhere. This can also happen in the Samsat office. You can even meet scalpers before you get there.   In fact, paying with scalpels will cost more funds than direct payment in Samsate, Western Java.

  1. Pay through an ATM

Paying by AN ATM is one of the most modern and easiest ways.   Anyone can do that.   Indeed, ATMs have spread widely in remote villages.   You can make payments through ATMs if you pay samsat using the online application.

  1. Tax revenue corruption  can be avoided

No one  will ever know that corruption can be carried out by various parties, including the Samsat side  . When making payments with online  procedures, it’s the same as you’re involved in eliminating corruption — related to  state revenues from motor vehicle taxes.

  1. Tax payment can be made on time

There are many reasons why people pay taxes at such a late  time.   For example, because  you did not have time to  return  to  your hometown to pay taxes, or because  you queued up.   However, with the help  of the Samsat application,  it is possible to make payments on time .

Terms of online tax payment in Samsat West Java

When making payments to Samsat via the Internet, the parties involved identify various policies that must be followed. If  the policy is not enforced, you will not be able to make payments  via the Internet.   Some of the important things you can do and prepare for are below.

  1. Legal vehicles

The West Java Samsat has in mind  the fact that the vehicle is in legal status , not in a block state. If  the vehicle is blocking ownership, then the payment of taxes via the Internet cannot be made.

  1. Valid for the payment of annual fees

Payment of taxes using the online  program in this case applies only to annual payments.    However, to pay for 5 years  or when changing vehicle numbers, you need to come directly to the Samsat office.

  1. Have a savings account

Since in this case the payment is made using an ATM, the taxpayer,  of course,  must have  an account number or ATM.

  1. Individual

Payments in this case can only be made by individual taxpayers , and not by institutions or social entities.

  1. Have an active phone number

When making a payment using the online procedure in Samsat West Java, it was explained  above  that you need to receive a payment code. So, the taxpayer must have an active phone number to receive a payment code.

Services that Samsat can perform  in Western Java

As in the case of samsat in various provinces of the country, West Java Samsat  also provides a variety of public services that you can get.   All services will be performed as best as possible by the parties involved in it.   In general, here are the services that you will be able to perform through this office.

  1. Service of  motor vehicles

In this case, Samsat’s West Java has the Dispenda service feature. People can perform nominal duties   or pay   motor  vehicle taxes in the office.

  1. Police functions

The function of the police here is to perform the function of identifying stolen motor vehicles.   Samsate can identify the ranmor, regent the new ranmor istration, to the removal of ranmor numbers and others.

  1. Managing  accident victims

In cooperation with PT Jasa Raharja, offices in each province can receive mandatory   donations for road accident funds , as well as mandatory funds for passenger  accident insurance  .

The various services provided by the office team will indeed make it easier for people to operate.   All members of Samsat will  cooperate with the bank in the performance of their work.

The various options presented should indeed be  used as wisely as possible.   Everyone can carry out their activities more easily , so that the activities go smoothly.    In this case, Samsat West Java provides services in accordance with the relevant areas to facilitate their work.

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