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Popular West Javier traditional clothing and their features

Traditional clothing in West Java has its own popularity and distinctive features compared to other regions— a region with central Java and East Java In fact, there are significant differences in traditional clothing, not only in the language but also  in the language—Dundamin, Javan Oil, and Crazy.

If you see  these differences  , you’re sure you want to know them  ; in fact,  almost everyone living in West Java or West Java is native to the Sandanese tribes.  If you don’t have a pandemonium that has been settled for many years, it is known to be one of the most popular Indonesian tribes, by maintaining high customs.

It is not wrong to pass on so much from the ancestors; it can be evidence of inscriptions, temples, heirlooms, and traditional clothing. Buddhism and Hinduism will not be completely separated from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism, so the style of all west Java regional clothing cannot be separated in style.

Go deep into the clothes from West Java, and there are a variety of clothes that can be used, everything depends on the social strata. Naturally, this idea is because  in the  past Indonesia still knows the name of the apartheid system.

So for those curious about traditional clothing from West Java, all the popular things will be discussed here, so there is no need to worry. It  starts with the clothes of the classes and the lower classes. To truly provide this information, be  fully guaranteed.

 Wedding Attiya in West Javenian Custom

Whatever we  discussed about traditional West Javier clothes, it will never escape the wedding, and we need a special tool to make a promise once in a while, so what clothes are often used by indigenous peoples of the Sandanese tribe?

For clothes that must be familiar to clothes called sukapura: the image of this shirt showing the bride wearing only a kibia wrapped in a white brocade The waist is then tied to a golden waistcoat, accompanied by a white shoe guide, and a   simple impression compared to others.

It is a far cry from central Java, where the groom and groom’s traditional clothes are more complex: the groom returns to the main title and closed  white Only the jacket needs to be worn, but the waistband used is red, symbolizing the courage to take responsibility for all the problems facing the future.

Then he used white shoes for his shoes, which remained the same as the bridegroom Karen Alaskarepresented Topangan . Both of them carried the weight of the ladder. Sukapura is not how simple it is compared to clothes elsewhere in the island of Pin’H. Unijava.

West Java clothing official event

There is no doubt that there is an event in West Java searching for Mojunjanja    , in fact, in Jacques, who is not looking for anyone every year. Everything is done for them, and by looking for talented influencers, develop a local capability, and become one of the established goals.

Mojang is a female candidate who has tried to promote the broader terrain of Bandung. they are givenregular K-Abat clothing, bibars, wedding decorations  Today, traditional clothing can be combined with a mask.

So you don’t have to use Konde anymore because everything is more flexible, so what about Jakarta? Their clothes are simpler. Use only black or black. The pocket is wrapped in blue or red accessories,  adding to the distinctiveness of traditional West Javan clothing, as well as additional items that can be added.

This clothing does not only apply to the Mojangka search festival; it isused to showcase the characteristics of the prison bar; the simple and beautiful color is a characteristic that will never be forgotten.

Traditional West Javier outfit for Conglomerate

It  is certainly used only for some communities for traditionalclothing, look at the prince class of the country who can wear it in their time. Using it can be adjusted, either in incidents or in grooms, and it usually takes  a  lot of time for the lengthy manufacturing process to become more expensive.

The design is obviously more luxurious and attractive- a lot of moneybuys  your people. The  aura’s impression of the wearer is more powerful Whether men or women are more respected, they want to wear Keba Y y, clothing, and even games for women.

Then the edges are tied to gold, which undoubtedly makes a difference to themselves, and B Isa adds ornaments such as gold, necklaces, and rings. He will certainly present a glamorous but beautiful impression from him, and this one wearing this shirt will never go unnoticed by the audience.

For men, however, black blue clothing is commonly used, and most blue dresses create more luxury. Do not ask because it is expensive to pay for the price; this clothing style can also be used under the traditional Java outfit Tsukapura, which will increase opinions of marriage.

West  Javan clothes for medium and KE BAwah

West Java’s traditional clothing is an ancestral heritage, so we still use the racial system, and for the middle class, A free combination of kibara can be used, possibly from the sun, and more flexible with the intention of negotiating with superiors.

Generally, after wearing a white top, they add  headbands, guards, gold, or other accessories.  The lake can wear pants in clothing, and like those in pants, they are wrapped in sarongs, making it seem that they are simple but still authoritative.

Yet gold and silver can still be worn in a middle-class outfit, but most spend money to save more. Whether you want to use gold or silver later, adjust to the user’s needs.

Then, for the middle class, you usually have the opportunity to wear plain clothes, compared to the luxurious appearance of luxury clothes In mostcases, ordinarypeople wear a leather belt and a fabric, often worn, and the shape is still exactly the same.

It may seem simple, but the quality presented by its thinking is still very thick, not because Niko-Niko does  not display the attitude of Kierdan. The men wore shoulder-tied yoke ribbons,  don’t  they  resemble the old tribes of Ukip, and then the women wore a simple kibaya?

Bertik Mortif is decorated with juveniles, circles, and bracelets  , and it is clear that the drugs will seem to be of good quality. How  do you understand about clothes, and generally that’s how the images of traditional West Javan clothes  are, so make sure this knowledge can be useful in the future.

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