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Location of the JBL Service Center and Provided Services

The JPL Service Center is one of the places you can search for when your product is corrupted.   JPL itself is a productproduced by Harman . As you know , Harman is america’s best voice brand .

Of course, JBL quality doesn’t have to be denied anymore. JPL products are very popular throughout indonesian society  and are often used. Even the quality of the product has been proven to be usable for a long time and has the highest performance.

JBL speakers always  have new technology that will make our needs easier in today’s advanced era, features that make us the best voice listening experience.

Not only is technology theme, JPL has a variety of products with colorful designs, so for those who are very concerned about design when choosing a speaker device, JBL seems to be responsive. However, like any other product, there are times when the speaker is corrupted.

Although consistently famous , JBL speakers can harm them . You can visit the JPL Service Center when you find out the speaker is corrupted. This service center will be published throughout various cities in Indonesia. More information is available about JPL service centers.

JBL Service Center & store locations throughout Indonesia

The first one in Yogiakarta is this store and the service center is located in detail at Ambarokmo Plaza, Jalan Laxda Adiscopito 13, Dipok, Yogiakorta. The place is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day on weekends. You can call this location number at 0274 4331405.

the second one in central Jakarta This official service location is located in Jalan Kapo Cell 4, Bingor, Sinin, Central Jakarta. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while Saturday is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed on Sundays, you can call 021 42871228.

JBL’s third service center in Surabaya is located at Pakun Mall, Jalan Majin Yono Soino 2, Surabaya. This location is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. because it is located in the mall. It is open Sunday. You can contact the number of this location at 031 7392249.

The fourth is in Surabaya, where official services are located in the city of Grand Jalan, mayor of Mustajabi 1 Surabaya, where it is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and will remain open Sunday. You can call this location number at 031 52405956.

The fifth place in Bandunga is located at 23 Pascal Shopping Malls, 25-27. Bandung is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and remains open Sunday. You can connect to the number of this location in 08157080903.

services provided by the JBEL Service Center

has a wide range of services provided by JBL service centers First, the product information. At the Service Center, you can also ask about things related to products from JBL. For example, there are newest features or products that appear.

Second, consult on using the product. Sometimes, because  there are products in JPL with new features, we don’t understand how to use it. Instead of using false greetings, it’s better to consult directly at  the JPL Service Center.   Later, the Service Center will explain to you how to use the product.

Third, the Service Center’s damage advice cannot only fix it, but you can first consult the damage before repairing the product, so that you can then estimate how much it costs for your favorite speaker to return to the style of all.

Fourth, a place to buy the unit if the service center is in the same store location, you can buy units there. In fact, you can consult with the seller so you can find a speaker series product that is really compatible with your needs from benefit to features.

Finally, make products better. This is the main task of the Service Center, which repairs the product, when the speaker is corrupted, if it is still in the guarantee period or not, you can repair the product directly at the Official Service Center.

the benefits of repairing components at jgl’s official service center

Many think the repairs at the official service centre are too long and have many shortcomings In fact, there are a variety of benefits you can get when choosing a formal service center as a place to repair the unit. Below are the benefits, such as:

  1. The problem has been resolved very well. Of course, as a formal service centre, the problem you experience will be solved well because they know all the components and eventhe installation of p roduk is different when you serve in  a random place.


  1. Prices are very competitive. Usually, many people think that performing services at the service centre requires a lot of money, although the price to spend is very competitive because it is compared to the services or services they pay. In addition, the JPL Service Center really cares about quality.


  1. Components ensure originality. KBL is a product that is very expensive, and when the components are damaged, we want to get the original components. With the service in a formal location, you can get the entire original content.

Notes before visiting jpl service center

When you visit the Service Center, you have some advice you can follow. First, check the location first. The location of the service centre is not available in all cities from jpl, so it is better to check if the location is in your city.

Second, prepare all files well. If you visit the Service Center in JPL to repair the product using your guarantee request, make sure you have prepared all your files appropriately as a single box, purchase note and guarantee card. Do not allow the guarantee to fail just because the unit is incomplete.

Third, check the duration of the product guarantee. If you want to submit a guarantee request at the JBL Service Center, it is better to check the guaranteed duration of the product first. Remember, this guarantee period will not apply when you use the product, but will be implemented when you buy the product, so it is better to pay close attention before submitting the request.

Finally, take care of the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Each guarantee has its own terms and conditions, but the guarantee of the product is generally not fulfilled if the damage exceeds the guarantee period, however, the guarantee of this product will not be fulfilled if the damage is caused by a human error or if the unit has already been dismembered.

Indeed, it takes a long time to perform services at the service centre, which goes back to checking the unit for guarantee scans, so that the unit can reach your hands later. However, if the option is given, of course, still choose the service at the JPL Service Center.

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