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How to claim guarantees , procedures and conditions of the Shimi Services Center

How to claim the guarantee of the Shawami Service Centre , you may be looking for it right now . In the past , many people have been afraid to buy shawmi because there were not a few rumors that it was very difficult to claim guarantees for this product , although it was a misconception .

It is not difficult to submit a guarantee claim at the Shivami Service Centre , even management can be done quickly . Although it costs a low price , shaiami’s electronic products are very famous for continuing . Electronic products are such that they do not deteriorate easily .

However , even this does not mean that shaiami-made electronic products cannot be damaged , as this product can still experience damage due to factory records or other factors . When you find that the product you have purchased has been corrupted , you can immediately claim warranty .

How is it easy to claim the guarantee of xiaomi services centre , as long as you follow as a young person as a procedure and conditions , because each product has a different guarantee period , make sure you see if the time is right or not . Here is  full information about the steps to claim the guarantee .

Shimi product mobile phone guarantee

How to claim guarantees for mobile phone products , items that are guaranteed are not only mobile phones , but also hardwires , to the charger . Therefore , you do not need to worry if the equipment made is damaged before the warranty period ends .

For the phone itself , the guarantee period is 15 months , the guarantee section and the cost of work , while the support documents you must bring at the time of claiming the guarantee are evidence of purchase , as well as a warranty card . As with the battery built , the warranty period is 15 months .

How xiaomy ‘s services center guarantee charger products and dosbook equipment , the warranty period is prepared for 6 months , the warranty area includes work expenses and money , while the support documents you must bring are proof of the purchase and warranty card .

In addition to mobile phones , tablet products also have a guarantee . For Hardwire , the warranty period is 12 months , the warranty area , work expenses and spare parts . In batteries , chargers and various appliances , the warranty period is 6 months , and you must bring supporting documents such as purchase notes and warranty cards .

Shivami mobile phone products such as Redmy Note 7, 18-month warranty period, while for Redemi 8 and 8 A, 9A and 9C products , it has a 24-month warranty period. So , if you have a phone product , you get a long warranty period .

Guarantee product supplies from the sand

In appliance products , for example , such as the dam , the warranty provided by Shivami is 1 year , the cost of work and the cost . In addition , electricity banks have a 1-year warranty period , mobile phones with a 6-month warranty period , a 6-month battery warranty period .

Equipment such as chargers has also been purchased separately for a 6-month warranty period , data cables have a 6-month warranty period , LED lights have a 6-month warranty period , shimi table lights have a 6-month  warranty period , and usb car chargers also have a 6-month warranty . All of these products include warranty costs and spare slots , support documents for order notes Sareh.

Please note that in  addition to claiming the guarantee of the Xiaomy Services Center , you should also pay attention to the validity of the warranty period , obtaining the consumer product during the credit guarantee period . Thus , the warranty period is not calculated by using the product from consumers , but obtaining the product .

In addition , during the warranty period , if different supplies have been reviewed and approved by Shawmi , then the consumer will receive a free repair and without charge , you should not worry about taking a large fee , as long as it is still in accordance with applicable principles .

Conditions for claiming guarantee of the Shawami Service Center

How to claim the guarantee service centre should also pay attention to all provisions. The above guarantee provisions apply only to the Indonesian region , so products that do not apply to international guarantees do not apply to the above provisions. In addition , when the unit is obtained from the Shimi Service Center , Shawami will conduct tests later.

So , when you give the unit , make sure you get your data back and store a variety of information in the product . Before repairing , you contact the Shimi Service Agent to ensure a variety of information such as models , sirels , and MIA .

How should the guarantee of the Shawami Service Center be taken into account because the guarantee of the shyami product has been lost or removed from cases such as the warrant . Any damage , such as notes , scratch cracks , button lines and cameras , is also not included in the product guarantee . The types of shimi units that are caused by the schiami are also in the guarantee . Includes Nine D.

New password reorganization or retention information is also not included in the guarantee . Later , Shawmi himself decides whether the product has expired , or if there is a violation of the guarantee , then make sure you have followed the terms of the claim correctly and correctly .

How to claim the guarantee of the Shawami Service Centre

After knowing the terms and procedures that are implemented , you can immediately claim a warranty . If you want to guarantee your phone , first try to get the files back . From now on , you only need to go to the Shimi Service Centre to claim a guarantee .

If you have any doubts , whether the guarantee claim you are making is confirmed or not , you can first contact the Shawmi Call Centre . The Shivami Call Center is at 0800-1-401558, what you want to guarantee , and whether the damage is received by the Service Center or not .

The addresses of the Shawami Service Centre have been published throughout Indonesia , so you don’t need to worry . Don’t forget to bring a purchase note for a mobile or electronic product that has been corrupted . Don’t forget to bring a warranty card so that the claim process can be carried out quickly .

After arriving at xiaomi ‘s service centre  , how did you claim the future guarantee of the Shivami Services Centre , then the officer would check and pay if not , the damage caused could be covered as a guarantee . If your guarantee claim is approved , you should not pay for the repair . The repair period usually takes 1 to 4 weeks .

If the damage to the product is too severe and difficult to repair , then the unit will be replaced . As long as the guarantee period of the product is still valid , you will receive a free change throughout it , but if it is no longer valid , you will pay for the change and repair .

Repairing the unit at the official services centre is indeed an easy one , because the officer will serve you well , as long as all the commandments and procedures are followed , in addition ,  after claiming to guarantee the Xiaomi Services Centre , you should also try to pursue the service centre so that the unit can be repaired quickly .

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