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 How to contact your shopping call centre to solve all the problems  

Knowing Call Center niaga or cimb Niaga is really important for the community because it would be very helpful if there was a problem  .   To bungi the call center itself can easily be done.  It’s just that not everyone knows how to do it, especially if it is the first time.

As we know  , Cimb Niaga itself has become one of the national private banks  named  Niaga.   The existence of this private bank has become a selection from many because there are a number of benefits that customers get in there  .  It does not stop there,  the services and facilities in it are still perfect  .

Not only that,  services  and facilities based on information technology have also been used by this bank from the start.  In addition,  this trade became the first bank to provide the general public in the form of ATMs  in Indonesia.

In 1991,  this bank became a bank that provides customers in the form of online services     .               The service is also included in the Niaga call center       where the availability of customer service is easy to contact at any time and anywhere by customers to provide satisfaction         .

Cimb Niaga is also listed on the  Jakarta  Stock Exchange and  surabaya  stock exchange  .    The success of this bank could make it the largest banking category in Indonesia  .   That  position  has become on the assets of the company involved.

Distance from CIMB Niaga Bank

Before you ask about how to contact the Niaga call centre,  it is very important to know more about the largest private bank in Indonesia  . CIMB Niaga itself is included in the country’s fourth largest banking class  .    As for when viewed in terms of proprietary property  .   The majority of the shares belong to the CIMB Group.

The main business or  product offered by this company is a business capital  credit or home ownership.   This is what makes Niaga listed as the third  largest  provider  of  home  ownership  loans in the country.   In addition, programs and services are also being offered to attract more customers.

In 1976  , it launched a professional credit program     , which is a type of loan for professionals such as engineering professionals, doctors and others. In 1981-1982, it was already using online banking and branch office networking systems.    3 years later,  it formed a network of business units to exchange the foreign government’s va luta       and launched at several branches.

Furthermore, in 1987, CIMB became the first banking company to offer services to customers in the form of ATM  machines in Indonesia.   Certainly in June 1989 it became the moment the bank offered its first share offer to become a private company  .  Only in May 2008, it officially changed its name to BANK CIMB Niaga.

Call Center Niaga uukComplaints

All of us who use banking services, of course,  sometimes encounter problems such as   problems with the services offered before.   To overcome this problem,  we need the realities of a call centre from a worried company to make it easier to overcome the problem  .

At first,  this call center itself came out offering free phone service as the best service for customers.   Unfortunately, the service has become  no  longer possible.   But don’t  have  to worry because you can still easily   and quickly connect via  your smartphone  .

For those of you who have problems, bi sa provides an immediate complaint by calling 14041  , which is a commercial call center.  Through this service,  customers can solve the banking problems that are happening to you  .    There are various types of problems that can be complained to the Customer Service Department  or call center include:

  1. Losing the credit card you have
  2. Forget your credit or debit card
  3. Lost passports
  4. Process of closing a credit or debit card
  5. And   other issues have to do with the services and facilities offered.

Not only that, but part of this call center will also be certified for  24 hours.   That way it will make you comfortable complaining at any time and wherever  you are.     In addition to the Niaga call center, you can also email Niaga.co.id 14041@cimb for more information.

How the filing process for  Cimb Niaga bank

Do you already know the Niaga call center number?   For those of you who don’t know that the process of filing a complaint against the bank is actually very simple.  It’s just that most people are still confused about doing  it. To make no mistake ,  this is the process of filing a complaint against this bank  .

To file a complaint against the Bank of Niagara  ,  it can be made by contacting the concerned center  number.When connected,  you can immediately tell whether the complaint or the problem is where it is facing  .    Make sure to  transfer information possible  so  they understand the problem and provide  the best solution  .

In addition to this number,  there are other options that can help customers submit complaints such as through social media they have:

  1. Facebook: CIMB business
  2. Twitter:@cimb trade
  3. Instagram: @cimb_Market
  4. Website: cimbNiaga.co.id

There are many documents you must prepare before deciding to contact a commercial call center such as          a personal identity,      a filing order, information or supporting document (such as  proof of transaction, a reform form or otherwise   )    and the complainant’s phone number.

 Cimb Niaga Bank advantages

Do you know how to contact this bank’s call centre  ?   You also need to know what is the good thing of the bank  .      Just look at the review below

  1. There is a complete product

The first benefits of being a customer in the trade include a comprehensive range of products including  Xtra services, Hypermart Savers, AirAsia Savers, On Account and many more.   With the full product’s existence,  it can be adapted to the needs of prospective customers  .

  1. There is a responsive  section and communications of the centre

For those of you who want to complain about problems such as credit or debit card  losses, forgetting pins  to lose your savings,  you don’t have to worry because they  have  a responsive  and communicative call center so it can be easily relied on.

  1. Scattered among major cities 

Even being a customer at this bank is not hard to do           because there are branches available in almost every major city in Indonesia       .    That way,  it makes it easier for you to get services and products according to your needs        .

Cimb Niaga    is one of the largest private banks in Indonesia that offers a variety of services and the best facilities for its customers     .             If there is a complaint or problem,  the Niaga call center   can rely on it.

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