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Official Kredivo Customer Service Center that provides accurate information.

An official institution or company must provide customer services, such as the Kredivo call center. You can apply for a loan just by using the application and the process is simple.

Interestingly, this institution is registered with OJK, so it is guaranteed to be safe in your various installments  . There are many other advantages to note when compared to similar institutions before you apply for a loan.

This is especially true of call center  services  managed by professional administrators with experience in their field. Get clear, accurate, fast and reliable information from a single official source. In this way you will feel various advantages that are very interesting to know more about.

Kredivo is a credit provider with several advantages.

As a large institution popular among the public, it is in demand and exploited until now. Kredivo call center services  are also available to provide clear and centralized information from a single source. Many of the advantages he had given him a position of his own in people’s minds to help their finances.

  1. List of loans without payslips

Sometimes self-employed and freelancers find it difficult to get a loan because they don’t have a payslip. If you are one of them, you do not need to worry because you can register for a loan without using a payslip. The amount of income earned per month will affect the credit limit you will receive.

  1. The cheapest and lowest interest rates

Kredivo has been proven to provide the cheapest or lowest interest on loans compared to other institutions. This is very profitable, because the installments will be light, even if the loan is large. Inquire for details on how much interest on the loan is by contacting kredivo’s service center by phone or official email.

  1. Fastest payout process

The number of marketing strategies around finding the fastest loan has left many hesitant. You need to use this service, guaranteeing that it will be liquid quickly and easily. This is the advantage of  getting a lot of people interested because it doesn’t have to waste time taking care of disbursements without feeling complicated.

Differences between official Kredivo accounts and fake accounts

Of course, using kredivo services you need to know everything, including the official account you have. The goal is that you will not be deceived by a large number of people on behalf of Kredivo by providing loan offers, although the goal is to seek profit and fraud will certainly harm both Kredivo and its regular customers.

  1. Account verification

Before using the Kredivo Customer Service Center,  you should check if the account is verified. All accounts belonging to this institution must be marked in blue or confirmed as evidence of official accounts. If you get a message from an unverified Kredivo account, you should ignore it because the source is unclear.

  1. Content is always up to date.

Judging by the content presented, you can see if the account is genuine or not, since it is always up to date. The content is always updated in a day between 1 – 3x in a clear, easy to understand and neat order. If the fake account is visible by the quality of the display, it is randomly generated and a large amount of content is updated.

  1. Down payment margin

Keep in mind that Kredivo never asks for a down payment when searching for any loan. If you received a loan offer on behalf of Kredivo and asked for a down payment, you should check the information. Ask the Kredivo call center first so that you don’t get scammed, let alone search all through the application.

  1. loan proposal.

The original account never personally offered a loan using social media through a DM. Disbursements have never been directly on social media, but all use the application.

Information about kredivo’s official customer service center

The number of fake accounts using the name Kredivo is sometimes troubling because it leads to fraud. Such accounts often provide an outlet for those who want to get a loan from social media right away. For this reason, it is important to know the  official Kredivo service center in order to obtain clear and reliable information.

Kredivo’s customer service or administrators never offer any social media account services, so if there are other institutions in the name of customer service, don’t trust them casually.  You can contact official customer service via phone number 080 – 715 – 733 – 58.

You can also call the Kredivo service center by sending an email to the support@kredivo.com address  and making sure that the wrong address is not received. You will receive a nice reply so you can be sure of an immediate reply. Clearly write down the complaint or complaint you want to submit and wait for an answer.

The various social media  officially owned by Kredivo include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are written by administrators.

  1. Website: https://www.kredivo.com/, https://www.kredivo.xyz/ & https://finaccel.co/
  2. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kredivo/
  3. Twitter : https://twitter.com/kredivo
  4. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kredivo/

In addition to the email address and call center number that has been formally described above, there is nothing else through customer service, you will receive information related to loans or other things. Tell the question clearly so that it is easy to understand and you will be answered accordingly.

Advantages of contacting Kredivo customer service directly

Knowing the benefits of using the Kredivo call center  service directly is very important, especially for those who want to use installment loan services, whether in cash or online. Many of the advantages are 3 digits if you choose to contact the official CS instead of seeking information from other sources.

  1. Make sure that the information is true or deceptive.

You can check for yourself whether the information you receive is true or just a scam from irresponsible people. For example, getting notified of an unclear number if you receive a loan disbursement from Kredivo, so contact CS immediately to make sure it’s true from Kredivo or the scam number.

  1. Get clarity on loans.

Through the CS service, you can dig up information about loans in detail from official sources, so that you can make more confident and confident decisions about the loan due to the clarity of the loan information received.

  1. Reduce the risk of fraud

Another advantage of contacting the official CS directly is that it can reduce the risk of fraud. This is a simple step that can help you avoid scams and large losses. There is no need to wait long because CS will respond promptly to the necessary information and help protect customers.

Considering that there are now many  scams by providing interesting offers on behalf of Kredivo, it is certainly very troubling.


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