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Check your EndoSat quota regularly every day

Make sure to check your IndoSat quota regularly. By checking regularly, the quota will be avoided if unwanted items such as when used. In fact, this incident is not a problem if internet services are used only for fun while relaxing.

However, this situation will be a major problem if internet services are being used for important purposes such as business and schools. If this happens when it’s a business, it may be that users feel harmless and go to other manufacturers. If this happens during school, you may be considered absent by the lecturer or teacher.

This is definitely harmful as both the problems will have a long tail. It is actually very easy to check the quota on your own. Everyone will be able to check the quota on their own. So,  be sure  to check  your IndoSAT quota  regularly and continue to do so.

Several ways to check quotas

There are several ways that can be done to check the quota. A consumer can choose the way in which he likes himself. The first way is to use the SMS feature. When using it, there is no need to worry about tariffs. The rate of checking through SMS is free so that you can do it even if you don’t have credit.

When you regularly check  your Indosat quota  using SMS  , you first need to send an SMS to 363. THE SMS itself only says about usage. After the usage is sent to 363, a notification will appear explaining the remaining packages owned by the SIM card.

When using SMS services, there are some drawbacks that will be obtained. The deficiency is in the absence of information regarding the active duration of the card. To achieve this, another method can be chosen. His U.S.S.D. It is strongly recommended to conduct an investigation using . This method is also free so it doesn’t need credit.

To use it, there are two numbers to choose from. The first number is *123# and the second number islah *363#. When choosing one of these numbers,  there  will be several options with the number.  To  check your IndoSAT quota regularly, select number 7. In this way, the active period of the card will also be visible.

The disadvantage of this method lies in the large number of options when dialing the USSD. It is quite time consuming if you are confused about choosing a number. For the last option, users can use the MyIm3 application. The disadvantage of using this application is that it cannot be accessed if you do not have a quota.

Therefore, quota needs to be available if you want to use it. First, download the MyIm3 application on the PlayStore or AppStore. If it has been downloaded, follow the instructions until you  are instructed to enter  your personal Indosat number  . Enter the number and check your IndoSAT quota  regularly.

How to top up the quota

The MyIm3 application can be used for a variety of purposes. Of course, this application can also help you meet your quota. There are many advantages to securing the top spot in the quota using the MyIM3 application. In the application, there are full details of all the packages provided by the provider.

Customers can choose it according to their needs. The price is also available there. In addition, you can also top up your quota even if you don’t have credit stock. This is because, the myIm3 app allows users to make payments with electronic money. This certainly makes it easier that the use of electronic money has become increasingly popular in Indonesia.

But if it gets filled,  don’t forget to check your EndoSat quota  regularly. In addition to using the myIm3 application, charging can also be done using the USSD dial. The method is also similar to checking the quota. You can call *123# or *363#. After dialing the number, there is a selection of different packages that will be displayed.

Select the package as needed. If you have received the appropriate package, make sure that the credit is filled out as per the specified amount. If you don’t have credit stock, you can’t top up like you did when using the MyIm3 application. For the last method, quota replenishment can also be done through a quota voucher.

Vouchers can be obtained from a nearby outlet. The options themselves definitely vary according to the availability of such outlets. If you want more details, go to the authorized outlet from Im3. The availability of packages is much more fulfilling than normal outlets. If you have received the desired voucher, enter the code in the SIM card.

To enter it, press OK when *556*CodeVoucher#. Make sure the voucher code is correct. To be clear, you can clean the voucher completely. The voucher will be activated immediately when the filling is correct. If you’re enrolled,  don’t forget to check your EndoSat quota  regularly.

Reasons Why You  Should Use Indosat

The first reason why you should use IndoSat is  in the breadth of its network. Not only in big cities, the vastness of the network also covers remote areas. In addition, the strength of the signal is also very uniform. This will make users feel very comfortable as they do not feel the problem of up and down signals.

Another advantage of  IndoSat Oredu  is in the presence of a feature called a data rollover.   When checking your IndoSAT quota regularly, it is very uncomfortable if the amount is still large when the time is almost over. It makes that the quota will be wasted and cannot be used.

The presence of a data rollover will solve that problem. When the feature is used, a user can move the remaining available quota to the next period. At the same time, the rest of the concerns are still very high when the time is up there is no need to get it anymore. Also don’t forget about the existence of free streaming services.

Now, the benefits of having a mobile phone have changed. Not only for communication, its existence can be used for various purposes. One of its interests is watching a movie or listening to a song. There are already a lot of payment services for this kind of thing like Spotify and Stream.

When using Indosat Ooredoo, customers can watch movies or listen to songs for free. This is because IndoSat Oredu makes the use of iFlix free for all its users. Those of you who have this hobby should be made comfortable while using it.

Contact the Call Center for various services

Be sure to use  Indosat  and  check  your EndoSat quota  regularly. With this, all the benefits will be obtained. But if there are any problems, do not hesitate to contact the call center. Indosat’s own call center can be found on multiple numbers. The first number is 185.

The use of such numbers is paid for for all users. If you want a free vehicle, you can call 186. If you use a landline to contact the call center, both numbers will not be able to be accessed. To contact a landline using a landline, two number options are provided.

His first choice was 021-3000-3000. If the number is busy, call 021-5438-8888. It would be very useful to call both numbers using a landline as this rate is much cheaper than your  st r rate.

In Indonesia, there are many providers from which users can choose. Without a doubt, each provider has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you need proven quality,  be sure to use Indosat. To continue to be comfortable while using it,  don’t forget to check  your EndoSat quota  regularly.

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